Take on the Koch Brothers in Ohio!

Take on the Koch Brothers in Ohio!

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Ted Strickland is running for Senate in one of the most contested races of 2016. We have a chance to pick up a key Senate seat, but the Koch brothers have made this their #1 race.

America deserves a Senate that believes in putting the people of our country first. As a fighter for working families, Ted Strickland will be a tireless advocate for opportunity for all.

Add your name to help us defeat the Koch brothers and elect Ted Strickland to the U.S. Senate!

Ted’s campaign has been subject to an unprecedented level of pressure from the Koch brothers. They’re worried about losing a GOP Senate Seat and have already spent $1.4 million on attacks against Ted.

We need the help of grassroots supporters like you to win this critical race.

Add your name to support Ted Strickland for Senate and fight back against the Koch brothers’ machine!

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