Fight to Defend Planned Parenthood

Fight to Defend Planned Parenthood

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Congressional Republicans are going after Planned Parenthood with a vengeance, and we can’t let them win.

Again, Republicans are holding Americans hostage to further their right wing agenda. And the nationwide attacks on Planned Parenthood are truly disgusting. 

Will you commit yourself to the fight to keep Planned Parenthood funded?

Millions of American families receive vital health care services through Planned Parenthood. It would be devastating to leave these families without reliable, affordable care.

Congressional candidate Susie Lee is working around the clock to make sure women’s healthcare stays fully funded—but she needs the help of progressives like you to keep up that fight.  Cresent Hardy has made it abundantly clear that his priority is himself—not the women of this country.  Help Susie Lee remove this extremist from office. 

Please join us in fighting for Planned Parenthood.

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