ARREST the “Oregon Militiamen” for their domestic terrorism

ARREST the “Oregon Militiamen” for their domestic terrorism

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A few days ago, dozens of armed, anti-government militants stormed a federal building in Oregon. They seized and occupied government property -- all because they disagreed with the sentencing of a local rancher and his son.

“Taking back” this federal land is STEALING.  And threatening organized violence while you're doing it is terrorism.  Sign your name calling for the ARREST of these domestic terrorists >>

Their illegal occupation of federal land has lasted for days and militia leader Ammon Bundy refuses to leave until the land is turned over to local control.  

Bundy and his followers claim that they are supporting local ranchers, when in reality, they are in open rebellion against the federal government. They are armed criminals who are illegally seizing land -- they need to be prosecuted for their actions.  

SIGN YOUR NAME: LOCK UP the Oregon Militiamen for their acts of domestic terrorism >>

After occupying federal property, Bundy claimed that he planned to use the refuge as a militia base for years to come and would not rule out violence if law enforcement attempts to remove them.

The Oregon militia is a radicalized group committing acts of terror and anarchy. They must be held responsible for their unlawful actions.

Sign your name and demand these armed criminals be prosecuted for their actions >>


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